injured-child-first-aidAs a parent I find it very important to have a First Aid kit handy. I always make sure that my First Aid kit is regularly refilled and within my reach. To be more prepared, I have one First Aid kit in the house and another one for the car.

Preparing a First Aid kit is easy and less daunting if you have a thorough listing of what is needed. There are First Aid Kit checklists available online. This could guide every parent accordingly.

Depending on how complete you want it to be, First Aid kits should always serve its purpose of providing immediate and initial care for burns, wounds, foot sprain, and other physical mishaps. For my personal preference, I tend to add more things in our First Aid kit depending on our activity for the day. For example, a hiking trip would entail more creams for skin irritations.

Instead of buying prepared First Aid kits, I usually make my own, suitable for our particular needs. Since we love to do a lot of outdoor activities, I make sure our First Aid kit has a lot of mosquito repellents, band aids, and some allergy tablets.

The containers of the First Aid kit must be durable, easy to open and roomy enough to house all supplies. I usually choose containers with handles so I could easily grab it when the need arises.

I also make sure that the First Aid kits are not within the reach of the kids. But at the same time, the First Aid kits are stored in a place where I can easily get them.

It is also important to regularly check the expiration dates of the supplies in the First Aid kit. What good would the contents be in a First Aid kit if they were all expired. In my case, I usually check every month to make sure the First Aid kits are refilled. To make this task easier, I have a list inside the First Aid kit. This list contains the names and quantities of each item. In cases where the items fall below the listed quantity, I immediately do a refill. For certain medicines, I make sure to list the quantity and expiration dates.

Part of becoming a parent is assuring the safety of the kids at all times. The First Aid kit as the first tool of defense in child safety. See to it that the contents are updated and available all year round.

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why-i-like-sittercityWe, moms, are the hardest to please especially when it concerns our children. We are always asking questions, making sure we got everything covered. We aren’t always the best customers but that’s only because we want the best for our children.

Having said that, one can only imagine how we screen the sitters we hire for our kids. Well, in my case, I’m very fussy and particular with the sitters I hire. I don’t just choose the first one that walks through the door. There’s just no way I can trust anybody especially when it concerns my kids. No matter how busy I am, I take all the time to screen the applicants. I don’t compromise anything when it comes to safety. Most parents do feel the same way according to this sitter review article.

That’s the reason why Sittercity works well for me. Although I must admit that I wasn’t a fan of Sittercity at first. Having discovered it online, I just thought it was one of those. It just didn’t come across as something I could easily consider, most especially in the field of child care services. But my initial reaction shifted when I read more about Sittercity.

A Reliable Safety Measure In Place

To my surprise, Sittercity wasn’t just one of those. Aside from the massive and impressive pool of sitters it offers, it also offers a service that can get the background information of the applicants checked. I thought this was perfect for fussy moms like me. This was the best safety measure I had ever seen in any child care service provider and I was shocked to see it in an online site. Furthermore, I found some reviews on Sittercity specifically this one to be very compelling, which really got my curiousity.

How It Works Well For Fussy Moms

Sittercity has three major steps in finding the perfect sitter for our kids. The first step is to screen the applicants. This initial step does not entail any face-to-face encounter. We, parents, can go over all the profiles and reviews about the applicants that had expressed interest in the job posted. At this point, we can already run a background check on the applicants. The information gathered about the applicants in the initial step is gong to come in very handy in the second step which is to interview the applicants.

The second step is where we come face-to-face with the applicants that we had shortlisted. This is the part where the interview is done. The third step is to evaluate the applicants. Again, I would highly recommend another background check here. So before picking out the sitter from the pool of applicants, run another background check just to be sure.

By the way, if you are interested in becoming a member of Sittercity, I highly recommend that you use an promo code for Sittercity.

Suffice it to say, Sittercity gives me the peace of mind that my kids are in good hands. It pretty much covers all the concerns a fussy mom like me can ever think of. Having said that, I am very pleased with the services of Sittercity.

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kid-enjoying-homeworkParents must take interest in the schoolwork of their children. Regardless of the busy schedule, parents should always find time to sit with their children and to study. This is true most especially for children in the elementary years.

As a busy working mother, I do my best to sit with my kids after school. I see to it that when I get home after work, they can rely on me for their homework. Although, they try to do it by themselves, I make sure to check everything before they go to bed.

Through time I have learned several techniques to ease homework time. I try to make homework time fun so as to not to stress or even bore the kids.

First, I set aside a place for us to do his homework. It is our special homework nook, no distractions from television. Our study area is complete with all their study materials.

Second, we have a regular homework time. By creating a regular schedule, the kids can plan their play time. The regular schedule also means that homework is the priority over play and tv time.

Third, we take breaks if the homework is too long. For a few minutes we would share some healthy snacks and talk about other things. It is actually a good bonding moment. Some parents usually try to finish everything by bombarding the children all the questions. Take note that kids can only concentrate for about 15 minutes, anything over that is information over load. Hence, it is wise to have a good and comfortable pace in doing homework.

Most importantly, I never forget to praise my kids. There is never a shortage of words praise during homework time. I always make them feel that I am so proud of them. This really motivates them to do their best.

Unfortunately, there are times when I get too busy to help them. So a few times I rely on an experienced babysitter who can patiently sit with them. Nonetheless, I make sure to check everything before I go to bed.

Homework time should really be fun for the kids. Making the atmosphere light but conducive for studying is very important. Soon as the kids are able to integrate homework time in their everyday activities, they can eventually be left alone.

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