We all know how important sleep is. It energizes our body and mind. However, we, sometimes, take it for granted. Jessica Payne, a psychologist at the University of Notre Dame, says:

“It’s terrifying because we just don’t give sleep the respect that it deserves. We don’t treat it as if it’s an essential process, just as important as eating and breathing and getting exercise. But it is.”

We have all been guilty, at some point, of depriving ourselves of decent sleep. There are millions of reasons why we do it.

While parenthood is one of the good reasons as to why we don’t really think about the serious repercussions of sleep deprivation, it’s still a must to get enough sleep.

As much as we need to get enough sleep, so do our kids. Hence, one of our major tasks is to instill a regular sleeping pattern for our kids. With a regular sleeping pattern, our kids can have enough sleep.

How Sleep Affects Kids

The sleeping time of our kids is not just a quiet time for us, parents. While we look forward to the silence and tranquility, our kids are undergoing an important process as they sleep. Jessica Payne describes it further.

“Sleeping allows you to take what you’ve learned, especially new things that you’ve learned and to recombine those bits and pieces of information in new and novel ways that allow you to have creative insights.”

This is the reason why sleeping is very important for our growing kids. Sleep is also a time when all the things learned are processed.

“Sleep is also a protected time where we, rather than taking in new and enormous amount of information, we process it, we sort through it, we connect it up, we look for distance connections.”

All these things are important aspects in creativity. To me, it makes perfect sense. Our minds can only think better once they’re well-rested. A well-rested mind is only possible after a good night’s sleep. This clearly shows how sleep can affect our kids.

The Findings: Kids Aren’t Sleeping Enough

Unfortunately, kids are not sleeping enough these days. With all the gadgets they’re engrossed in, they’re sleeping late at night.

“So kids aren’t sleeping enough … which means, potentially we’re going to produce a nation of less creative kids at the time when innovation and creativity is so important for society and particularly for the business world.”

And that’s why, as parents, it’s our responsibility to instill a regular sleeping pattern for our kids. Of course, this is always a challenge. With so many external factors getting in the way, there is always a reason why our kids are not sleeping enough.

“We have them up playing with computers where, not only are they stimulated by the content on their computer screen, but there’s also the issue of the light.”

Apparently, even the low level of light that beams out of the computer screen can affect the circadian rhythm. This can make our kids stay up later than they should. So with more and more kids spending time on the computer, there is no doubt that sleep deprivation is a serious issue these days.

“It goes to reason that if children aren’t sleeping enough, not only are they having problems learning, but they’re unlikely to be as creative …”

This is should be enough reason for us, parents, to make sure that our kids are getting enough sleep.

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