You have the right to know what kind of personal information is gathered from your visit here on Through this Privacy Policy, you will know exactly which of your personal details are collected and how they are protected.

Two Kinds Of Personal Details

There are two kinds of personal details gathered from your visit here on The first of which is your email address. This is collected from you if you use the contact form. You email is required from you if you want to post a comment or share a message.

Thus, the sharing of your email address is voluntary. It’s only shared on the contact form and on the comment box. You are never required to share your email address on unless it’s needed.

Unlike some websites, is available for you to access anytime. There is no need to log into the website to be able to access it.

The other personal information that’s shared here on is your IP address. You are probably not aware of it, but your IP address becomes visible when you’re online. So when you visit websites, you are identified by your IP address. Your whole identity can actually be tracked down and revealed by your IP address. You can prevent this from happening if you delete the cookies in your computer. That way, you won’t leave any digital footprint online.

Protection Guaranteed

The website,, does not reveal or release any personal details. . They remain and will always remain within the protective confinements of

There is definitely no sharing, no publishing, no selling, and no trading of personal details here on Your protection is guaranteed.