injured-child-first-aidAs a parent I find it very important to have a First Aid kit handy. I always make sure that my First Aid kit is regularly refilled and within my reach. To be more prepared, I have one First Aid kit in the house and another one for the car.

Preparing a First Aid kit is easy and less daunting if you have a thorough listing of what is needed. There are First Aid Kit checklists available online. This could guide every parent accordingly.

Depending on how complete you want it to be, First Aid kits should always serve its purpose of providing immediate and initial care for burns, wounds, foot sprain, and other physical mishaps. For my personal preference, I tend to add more things in our First Aid kit depending on our activity for the day. For example, a hiking trip would entail more creams for skin irritations.

Instead of buying prepared First Aid kits, I usually make my own, suitable for our particular needs. Since we love to do a lot of outdoor activities, I make sure our First Aid kit has a lot of mosquito repellents, band aids, and some allergy tablets.

The containers of the First Aid kit must be durable, easy to open and roomy enough to house all supplies. I usually choose containers with handles so I could easily grab it when the need arises.

I also make sure that the First Aid kits are not within the reach of the kids. But at the same time, the First Aid kits are stored in a place where I can easily get them.

It is also important to regularly check the expiration dates of the supplies in the First Aid kit. What good would the contents be in a First Aid kit if they were all expired. In my case, I usually check every month to make sure the First Aid kits are refilled. To make this task easier, I have a list inside the First Aid kit. This list contains the names and quantities of each item. In cases where the items fall below the listed quantity, I immediately do a refill. For certain medicines, I make sure to list the quantity and expiration dates.

Part of becoming a parent is assuring the safety of the kids at all times. The First Aid kit as the first tool of defense in child safety. See to it that the contents are updated and available all year round.

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